KEA Series 2900 Series CyKLEAN Collector – Model 2905

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KEA Series 2900 Series CyKLEAN Collectors are highly efficient two-stage cyclone dust collection units for many types of applications like woodworking, milling, sanding & finishing, metal chips, abrasive cutting: rigid duct suggested, de-burring, robotic & other CNC machines.

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1/2 HP – 1 PH CYCLONE COLLECTOR WITH EXTERNAL SILO FILTER BAG, 450 CFM, HEIGHT 51″ (WITH MOTOR), WIDTH 24″, LENGTH 24″ (measurements do not include filter bag).

The dust laden particulate enters the CyKlean collector via two opposite top inlets to maximize the centrifugal force created by the rotation of air. Inside the cyclone, the dust is forced downward into the hopper and depositing the contaminants into the provided steel drum. The tall elongated shape is engineered to maximize efficiency. The blower wheel is self-cleaning radial style all aluminum straight blade fan & housing designed to minimize any sparks that may be created by the dust particulate.

FEATURES: Motor, filter bag, and fan housing sizes optimized for maximum efficiency, highly efficient filtration process for medium to large particulate, filter bag included. Conveniently connects to round rigid duct and flex hose