Model 2612M | KLEAN Buffer Safety Guards | Dust Collection


KEA’s KLEAN BUFFER Safety Guards are for dust collection and containment of buffer wheels up to 12” diameter to help reduce air contaminants and cleanup time.


KLEAN Buffer Safety Guard Hood System for Baldor Buffer Models 330-B, 332-B, 333-B, 334-B, 407-B, 409-B, 410-B, or 412-B with up to 12″ wheel: includes a pair of Hoods, one mounting plate, and two mounting brackets.

Make your buffing operations safer, cleaner, and ergonomic by enclosing open wheels and collecting the dust particulate into a dust collector. Your bench buffer will operate safely by entrapping the polishing wheel’s particulate into the hood and exhausting it out the back round outlet. The hood covers more than half the wheel and can be tilted front-to-back by adjusting the mounting on each of the side’s brackets. Outside cover can be easily removed to facilitate changing buffer wheel.