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Klean Environmental Air, Inc. is the Premier Manufacturer of Air Filtration Systems for Controlling Industrial Dust & Fumes

KEA manufactures air filtration systems for removing dust, smoke, fumes, odors; as well as buffer and grinder hood guards, welding and downdraft tables, booths, filter bags, and related accessories. All of our products are made in the United States. Custom solutions are available based on your specific air filtration application needs.

All of our products are engineered and fabricated by us, at our manufacturing facility in Ponder, Texas. We produce top-quality products that will serve your needs well for many years. We have experience working with both small and large companies. Our customers are important to us, regardless of size.

KEA is the preferred one-stop source for air filtration equipment and solutions that are frequently used in production applications such as (but not limited to): abrasive and shot blasting, cement, asphalt, minerals, printing, packaging, chemicals, plastics, food processing, foundries, glass, agricultural, metalworking, mining of minerals, pharmaceuticals, thermal sprays, coatings, welding fumes, and woodworking.

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"Dedicated to design and committed to quality, it’s been our focus every day for over 40 years, consistently leading to the improvement of workplace air quality through innovative, ergonomic, performance, and efficiencies of our products. That dedication and commitment is more evident today than ever. We’ve leveraged decades of experience and are introducing leading designs & technologies to better serve you and your workplace air quality."Klean Environmental Air