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Fire Station and Emergency Station Exhaust SystemFor Fire and Service Station Exhaust Systems, KEA is proud to partner with Nederman, a trusted manufacturer of a wide range of products, solutions and services for industrial air filtration. Together with KEA, we help you achieve profitable and sustainable production. We are the only Nederman Authorized Distributor and Service Center in the North Texas region.

Exhaust removal systems with quick release for safe and effective extraction of fumes and gases

Diesel exhaust, found in every fire or emergency station, is produced when an engine burns diesel fuel. It is a complex mixture of thousands of gases and particles (soot) containing several toxic air contaminants. These include many known or suspected carcinogenic substances (benzene, arsenic and formaldehyde). It also contains other harmful pollutants, including nitrogen oxides. In the long term, repeated exposure is as dangerous as being subject to cigarette smoke. The exhaust spreads into the areas where firemen eat, sleep and reside. It even penetrates the clothes. Studies have shown cancer rates among firemen are exceptionally high. Our vehicle exhaust systems can help reduce this rate.

Fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles must always be ready to leave the emergency station instantly. Therefore our vehicle exhaust removal systems with quick release are the optimum choice for your emergency station. The exhaust extraction systems enable quick exit from the emergency station and contribute to safe and effective extraction of exhaust fumes and gases.

Effective exhaust systems for fire and emergency stations

No one better than KEA can create the most optimal solution for sound, safe and ergonomic Fire and Emergency Stations. From a single source of supply you get the most comprehensive solutions fulfilling the latest standards and leading technologies. We help you all the way – from planning, design and commissioning to maintenance and service support. More than 60 years of experience and well over 100,000 installations in emergency stations make us second to none.

  • Exhaust extraction directly at the tail pipe
  • Easy and ergonomic connection of suction nozzles
  • Automatic and safe uncoupling of suction nozzles when vehicles leave the emergency station
  • Quick exit from emergency stations

Oil spillage and untidy hoses - these are just some of the other hazards at fire and emergency stations. A prosperous workplace with a high-quality image is a question of a safe, tidy and well-organized station. We offer cost-effective products and complete system solutions for vehicle exhaust extraction and on-tool dust extraction. We help you all the way from designing and planning to installation, service and maintenance. We can offer you an exhaust extraction system which fulfills the specific needs of your premises and suits your economy.

Here Are All The Benefits

Product Brochure - Vehicle Exhaust SystemsSAFE AND ERGONOMIC WORKPLACES
No more injuries caused by tripping over tangled hoses and cables on the workshop floor. Air, water, oil and power supplies are always readily available when and where you need them. And out of your way when you don’t.

Exhaust fumes, welding fumes, grinding dust, etc. are dangerous to health and reduce productivity. Our extraction solutions remove all these contaminants at source.

Damage to hoses and cables is mainly caused by mechanical wear and tear. We make sure that no supply systems are left on the floor to be damaged by cars and trucks.

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